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2 Chainz Got GOT

2 Chainz's vacation plans seem to have gone awry since, according to the rapper, the weed he brought with him had been stolen from him by a housekeeper

2 Chainz had just been trying to enjoy his vacation with his wife when he was unfortunately interrupted by the apparent-theft of his weed stash.

As explained by the "I'm Different" rapper on his Instagram story on Saturday (June 10th), Chainz had returned to his hotel room after hanging out with his wife only to find that his room had been entered by housekeeping, despite him having put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. To make matter's worse, the weed that Chainz had been keeping in the room was gone.

Needless to say, Chainz was not pleased.

"Them folks took da pack and helped me look for it like a real Soufside N*qqa," Chainz remarked in a follow-up post.

Chainz may have eventually gotten what was lost, and maybe he got a bit of laugh out of his special stuff, but we would not be surprised if he were to now start considering hiding his weed a little more expertly.


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