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50 Strikes Back

50 Cent seemed to fire back at Nick Cannon's insults towards him regarding his weight, though somewhat subtly

Recently, Nick Cannon made some rude comments regarding 50 Cent while on his Daily Cannon podcast, making comparisons between the "Candy Shop" rapper's neck and a "pack of hotdogs".

"You lookin’ at them pictures from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s Get Thick or Die Fryin’!”, Cannon joked.

50 Cent did not seem to love the words thrown at him from Cannon, but chose take a more subtle approach to responding to the Wild n' Out host's disparaging comments.

In an Instagram post from Monday (June 12th), 50 shared an image reading "It's never luck. It's always God," with a caption "If your marketing campaign is say something about 50. Your not going to make it, have a nice day."

For 50, such a response feels somewhat out of the ordinary, as he typically enjoys injecting his own humorous spin when reacting to whatever has been brought to his attention.

Perhaps, in demonstrating a lack of concern towards Cannon's comments, 50 saw no worth in wasting a joke.


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