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A$AP Rocky: A Man On A Mission

A$AP Rocky, in a hurry to get to the Met Gala, had no problem shoving through the crowd and even using someone's face to get a boost over the barricades

Some of the biggest stars in movies, T.V., and music were in attendance for the 2023 Met Gala yesterday (May 1st), but one of the most notable appearances may have come in the form of rapper and Rihanna's man A$AP Rocky.

As depicted on video, Rocky maneuvered through the excited crowd in a hood and sunglasses to make his way to the entrance of the event before hopping the fence, even putting a hand on a young woman's face to give himself a boost.

Check out footage of Rocky's climb here:

Here is the woman's reaction alongside her friend:

There has been no confirmation as to why Rocky had not arrived with Rihanna to the red carpet and instead chose to brave the crowd surrounding the Met to make it to the event.

The woman who's face Rocky had placed his hand on, and who's name appears to be Maddy, seemed to have been more in disbelief than anger over the L$D rapper using her head to make his climb, though she would not be unreasonable to be at least a bit annoyed at Rocky's disregard of her space.


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