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A Blast From The Past

Maino had quite the surprise while on Angela Yee's podcast, as he recieved a phone-call from a former inmate he shared prison-time with

Maino had quite the surprise from an old friend while recently on Angela Yee's Lip Service podcast.

During a segment of the show called "Tell Us A Secret", in which listeners can anonymously call in to reveal any secrets they want, one caller specifically mentioned Maino when sharing a brief anecdote while on call.

"The secret I’m gonna tell you is that I gave Maino the shank when he went to fight Bar over breakfast early in the morning," the caller revealed before laughing.

A surprised Maino responded to the man, whom he referred to as "Sham", and went to detail about the former inmate he was incarcerated with back in the 1990s.

"“Oh my God! Aye Sham, I know it’s your voice...Nah, it’s not anonymous ’cause he already said his name. This guy’s crazy. What’s up bro? How you feeling?"

"I can’t call it, baby. You know I love you, I had to let ’em know," Sham replied.

The "Slide" rapper appeared both glad to be hearing from an old friend and somewhat concerned over certain aspects of his time in prison being revealed on-air, and as he poked by Yee for more details, the call had been disconnected.

"This is not the hotline for old Maino war stories...That was crazy!" Maino joked.

Maino has been rather open about his time in Rikers Island in the past, where he served 10-years for allegedly attempting to kidnap a drug-dealer, but he seemed to have felt that the environment of Yee's podcast was not the place to delve into any gnarly details from the Brooklyn rapper's time behind bars.

Despite the dark time that his tenure in Rikers was, Maino appeared to be rather glad to hear from an old friend that survived prison alongside him.


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