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A Cardi, a Brian, & a Candace Walk Into a Bar...

Following an online confrontation with a billionaire's son, the "WAP" rapper then engaged into Twitter-spat with Youtuber Tasha K

Twitter is the premier battleground when it comes to social media fights, and at times, the public is provided with random confrontations that make deleting the app hard for most.

A strong example of such a case can be cited earlier this week, beginning on Monday (June 19th) with the news of several wealthy individuals being trapped inside a submarine after traveling to the bottom of the ocean in order to explore the wreckage of the Titanic.

Memes would soon begin flooding social media platforms, with thousands of online-users finding comedy in the absurdity of the situation. Eventually, social media sleuths would find Brian Szasz, the son of a trapped billionaire in the submarine, through his social media-postings of him having fun at a Blink-182 concert.

Enter Cardi B.

Joining the party of individuals disgusted with Szasz out in a concert and seemingly not concerned with the welfare of his father, Cardi posted a video to Instagram in which she criticized Szasz for his behavior and remarked on how lonely it must be to be a billionaire.

"Isn’t it sad you’re a whole f*cking billionaire and nobody gives a f*ck about you...Like you’re missing and muthaf*ckas is ready to shake d*cks at concerts. That’s crazy, I’d rather be broke and poor but knowing that I’m loved," Cardi stated.

Check out a clip of Cardi B's video here:

Szasz was rather displeased with Cardi's remarks, evidenced in his own video he posted in which he accused the "Bodak Yellow" rapper of seeking attention and being "tasteless".

"[She] tries to use the situation to exploit, like the news. They’re not feeling sorry for my mom who has to take care of two kids, not really giving a f*ck that my stepdad’s probably 99 percent chance he’s dead. That doesn’t matter. Doesn’t care how we feel, just trying to f*cking make gains," Szasz claimed.

Continuing: "People, like, trolling, getting hate mail, all these things. It’s just f*cked up. And to have Cardi B behind it… Cardi B, f*cking grow up, get some class. You’re tasteless."

Szasz also claims that while he was indeed at a concert, he was not having as much as many have interpreted from his online-posts depicting him at the venue, nor is he able to travel closer to the scene of the lost submarine due to not having a passport and being in a "legal situation".

Check out some of Brian Szasz's response here:

This exchange, of course, could not just involve Cardi B and Brian Szasz, as Youtuber Tasha K had something to say about the situation that Cardi could not ignore.

In the comment section of a post about Szasz, Tasha wrote "Wasn’t she posting guns right after Takeoff died? And on the internet, cutting up not long after his sudden takeoff? I’m just asking…Everyone grieves diff…”

Cardi quickly took notice, and posted a furious tweet expressing her disgust in Tasha mentioning the late Takeoff.

"And Tasha K with your despicable *ss.. to bring up Takeoff to prove a fake *ss point is disgusting. I lost weight, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, me and my man STILL dealing wit that to to this day. I’m a rapper, we targeted all the time so of course I have guns for protection," Cardi stated.

Continuing: "But since you wanna be funny for comments, ima make sure your kid don’t go to college. You think my lawyers don’t know you hiding money in Africa? Ima make sure I get every red cent of my 4 mill. DONT EVER PUT TAKEOFF NAME IN YA MOUTH"

Cardi is likely referencing the $4 million dollars Tasha owes the rapper from a defamation lawsuit.

Tasha would soon give an "apology" to Cardi B for her statement, which appeared to be more of a passive-aggressive comeback as well as a form of promotion for the Ice Spice/Nicki Minaj collaboration on the song "Barbie World".

As if these interactions could not get more wild, conservative pundit Candace Owens of all people seems to agree with Cardi B on her feelings about Szasz's conduct, according to a recent Twitter posting promoting a new episode of Owens' podcast.

"We all know this day would come," Owens' wrote. "Finally, I agree with @iamcardib and everything she said about the submarine stepson from hell."

Cardi, taking notice of Owens' mentioning of her, seemed puzzled at the right-wing media personality siding with her.

As demonstrated here, Twitter can serve as quite the stage for confrontations that would make the feuds in reality television dramas seem rather mundane in-comparison.


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