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A New Album From The Starboy

The Weeknd recently revealed a new project on the way to compliment the release of his HBO show The Idol

The Weeknd took to Instagram on Wednesday (Apr. 12) to share a new project on the way that appears to be a companion album to his upcoming HBO drama-series The Idol, titled The Idol Vol. 1.

The post features the Canadian artist in the studio listening to what is likely to be music to be featured in the show, with the caption of the post reading "THE IDOL VOL. 1 coming soon (double fantasy & jealous guy just a taste)".

Check out the post here:

Like the HBO show, the new album does not have an official release date yet; however, due to reports of the series releasing in June 2023, one can assume that the album will likely release alongside or around the premiere of The Idol.

The Idol, co-created by Euphoria's Sam Levinson and starring The Weeknd as a self-help guru/cult-leader and Lily-Rose Depp as a pop singer, has already been criticized prior to its release due to a Rolling Stone report of the show allegedly describing the show as "torture porn" and there being other behind-the-scenes drama.

The Weeknd seemed to have taken offense to the allegations, responding with posts on Twitter and Instagram that tagged Rolling Stone that featured a clip from the show in which his character and Depp's belittled the credibility of the publication.

Check out the clip here:

Regardless of the quality of the show or the companion album, no one can deny that conversations surrounding the HBO series will dominate social media with each episode-airing, as well as that heated-arguments regarding The Idol Vol. 1 compared to The Weeknd's past albums are just as inevitable.


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