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A Truce For Takeoff

Quavo and Offset, reunited to celebrate a late Takeoff's birthday and remember their friend

Quavo and Offset met up recently to remember their fallen friend, Takeoff.

On Father's Day this past Sunday (June 18th), the pair of former Migos chose to put aside any sour feelings between them to celebrate what would have been Takeoff's 29th birthday. A photo between the two as well as footage of them at a gathering has circulated, in which the pair can be seen wearing shirts displaying Takeoff's face.

Beef between Quavo and Offset has been somewhat apparent since 2022 when the Migos trio became a duo, comprised of Quavo and Takeoff, with reasoning provided being the pair's desire to simply perform without Offset going forward. Strife between Quavo and Offset truly came to the forefront at the last Grammys Awards show, in which a fight broke backstage between the two before the former took the stage to deliver a tribute performance to Takeoff.

Despite denial from the two, as well as Cardi B, as to what had occurred, footage went viral with audio of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper scolding the feuding rappers and attempting to separate them.

Clearly Quavo and Offset care more about Takeoff than they dislike one another given them choosing to share some space with one another. There is also the possibility that the two have already made up with each other since their Grammys altercation.

Whatever the case, Migos fans are sure to be happy to see their favorite artists burying the hatchet, at least for a day, to reminisce and trade stories on their close friend and former rap partner.


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