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Ab-Soul Turns to LeBron For Collab

Rapper and songwriter Ab-Soul recently requested NBA star LeBron James to serve as A&R on his next album

Rapper Ab-Soul and NBA legend LeBron James are looking to be collaborators on the former's next album.

An Instagram video posted by Soul shows the TDE artist making his move behind-the-scenes to persuade the NBA champ into being the A&R on his next project.

“You really the right of passage,” Soul states in the video. "Top [Dawg] told me to ask you if you would A&R the next album." LeBron simply responds with "Yeah, I can do that."

James has notably given Ab-Soul praise for his latest album "Herbert", going on Twitter not long after it's release to tweet “Ab-Herbert-Soul is so COLD MAN!!!!!!!!!” and posting an Instagram story of him rapping to "Message in a Bottle". Needless to say, this seems to be a pairing in which both Soul and James would work quite well with one another.

This collaboration would not be the first time James has taken an executive-role on a musical album.

He previously served as an A&R on 2 Chainz's 2019 album "Rap or Go to the League". According to a Vanity Fair interview (, James aided the rapper in ordering the songs so that the album would have a more intentional flow.


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