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Angel Reese Hit Up By Drizzy???

Angel Reese leading LSU to victory against Iowa's Women's basketball team caught the attention of many, including apparently Drake and Future according to Reese

Angel Reese had been the hot topic of public conversation for some time after scoring a major win with LSU against Iowa's Women's basketball team and taunting player Caitlin Clark, with some calling Reese's behavior unsportsmanlike and others denouncing inflammatory comments made against Reese for her conduct.

Reese earned some notable praise for her skill on the court from the likes of celebrities like Shaq and Lil Wayne, but according to the LSU star herself, she recieved some congratulating in her direct messages from Drake and Future as well.

In a recently-posted interview with The Breakfast Club (Apr. 24th), Reese appeared with her fellow teammate and aspiring rapper Flau’jae, where she revealed Drizzy and Future had reached to her through her DM's to congratulate her. Charlemagne responded to the news by stating "You said two that you need to stay far away from," leading to the whole room laughing before Reese clarified what occurred with affirming "They just congratulated me. It’s all congratulations."

Check out a clip of the interview here:

Reese also went on to reveal that Dj Khaled and French Montana messaged her as well to offer their congratulations.

When asked by DJ Envy if Drake inquired about coming to play basketball at his personal court at his home, Reese and Flau’jae shared a look with each other before laughing amongst themselves, possibly confirming that such a question was asked or at least one along the lines of what Envy suggested. Reese did not fully-confirm that she had accepted any invitation, however.

Check out the full interview here:


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