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Another Chance At Life

Chance The Rapper recently revealed in an interview into the dark times of drug-use he was in following the release of his album Acid Rap

In a recent interview with Complex (Apr. 30th), Chance The Rapper shared the dark days he endured as he struggled with drug-issues after the release of his mixtape Acid Rap in 2013, even claiming that he likely would have died.

Chance did not mince words when sharing what was on his state of mind at the time. "I probably would have died...Definitely, the way that I was living at that time," he affirmed. "I had everything in excess. Right after I dropped the project, I went on a few tours where I really didn’t make any money. But then I went on my first tour, my headlining tour, where I made some money...I went and rented a crib. This is my first time living outside of my parents’ house in another city and having money and doing a lot of drugs. Like, a lot, a lot, a lot of drugs. And just like, becoming a different person, like a lesser, person than I am now."

Continuing: "If I hadn’t had my spirit tugged on—literally—and a calling to become a better version of myself, then I would have died for sure. Then I would just be the representative of acid and I’m so much more."

Check out the Chance The Rapper interview here:

The Chicago rap-star recently announced a concert to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Acid Rap's release, with the event taking place August 19th.

The 2013 project released for free, preceding the boom of streaming services, and served as the catalyst to Chance The Rapper's career, earning a BET nomination for Best Mixtape, impressive rankings on music charts, and even being listed as a part of Barack Obama's playlist in 2016.


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