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Another Convicted In Rapper's Killing

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

A second-conviction has been reached in Young Greatness' murder case

Young Greatness' murder case has received a second conviction. According to WWL (, Donald Reaux was unanimously deemed guilty on Thursday (Jan. 19th) for second-degree murder, four years after his initial arrest in 2019. Authorities later shared their belief that Reaux had a pair of teenagers carry out an armed-robbery that lead to Young Greatness (real name Theodore Jones) getting fatally-shot, who was visiting New Orleans for a funeral at the time. The two boys (now men) that engaged in the armed-robbery, Donny Maxwell and Lovance Wix, had plead guilty back in 2019 to charges of armed-robbery, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice, with Maxwell receiving an additional charge for manslaughter. Wix was sentenced to 20 years in prison while Maxwell has yet to be sentenced. Both testified against Reaux in his trial, and his sentencing hearing is scheduled for Feb. 8th.

Jeannine Rose, Young Greatness' mother, gave an impassioned plea for parents to keep their children safe in response to her loss. "Please y’all get your children, get your babies because that slow walk to that sad tune I had to take is not a walk you want to take...I don’t feel good standing here. Nobody in a million years could tell me I’d be standing here at a press conference for my son, " she declared. "Y’all carried these children for nine months get them before you be carrying them behind the tomb like me. I’m telling y’all get your children."


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