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Ashanti Shares Proposal Details and Her Dream Wedding

By: Vanesta CeToute

Ashanti and Nelly have been the talk of all couples since they rekindled after their split a decade ago. The couple is now engaged with a baby on the way and their fans can't stop gushing over their love. Recently the artist, finance, and first-time mama sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her engagement, dream wedding, and relationship with artist Nelly.

When asked about her proposal Ashanti stated it was incredibly intimate and in the comfort of her own home. While laughing she shared, "The way that it happened was so funny. I'm sitting in the bed watching TV with his boxers on. It's not really sexy." The singer also went on to share what her dream wedding would be like. Though she didn't spill the beans on the exact wedding date, she did say she would love to walk down the aisle after having her baby. In addition, when it comes to wedding themes she'd like to have a combination of intimacy, glam, and near a body of Caribbean water. As many may know Ashanti loves a tropical vacation so perhaps a destination wedding may be on the horizon. Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

The future looks bright for both Ashanti and Nelly as they have grown over the past decade and are ready to immerse themselves in this new chapter. Ashanti also stated she has all of her industry brothers (ie. Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Her DJ) to thank for the couple's rekindling.


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