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Big Draco Been Knowin' Ice Spice?

In a recent interview, Soulja Boy claimed that he had known Ice Spice before she grew into the star she is now

Soulja Boy seems to have known who Ice Spice was before she went big.

While participating in an interview on the Bootleg Kev podcast, Soulja reflected on knowing about the "Munch" rapper before her growth in popularity.

"I like Ice Spice, I ain’t gonna cap...They gonna be like, ‘He picked a girl,’ but yeah, she new, she popping, I like what she doing. On gang, I found out about her before she got popping off," Soulja claimed.

"I was talking to her and her shit just took off. I like seeing shit like that, like a muthafucka just be under the radar and then just take off. I like seeing shit like that."

Soulja also seemed ecstatic over the idea of collaborating with Ice Spice, even stating that the two have already spoken with one another.

Check out the interview here:

This appears to be the first time Soulja has spoken of Ice Spice and her success publicly despite apparently having known her before her rap career took off, but he certainly appears happy to see the Bronx achieving her aspirations.

Ice Spice has yet to confirm or deny having been familiar with Soulja Boy prior to her popularity.


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