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Blueface & Chrisean Fight Gets Heated

Tensions between Blueface and Chrisean Rock seemingly explode after the latter posts a photo with Rick Ross on social media

Drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock does not seem to cease, with their tumultuous relationship now taking the form of fighting online over photos and videos. The current beef appears to have been incited from a photo of posted on Instagram of Chrisean with the rapper Rick Ross while at Super Bowl LVII on Sunday (Feb. 12th). Blueface reacted negatively, taking to Twitter to retweet posts of Rock and Ross, as well as posting his own tweets accusing Chrisean of being involved in the rumored drama between Halle Berry and DDG. The online-altercation escalated when Blueface started posting video clips of what seemed to be Chrisean insulting the on-again. off-again couple's friends, like Bia and DJ Sky.

"Member she was all in bia face playing cool this what she really think smh y’all could never make me get with industry shit I don’t agree with nothing boof" he wrote in one tweet with an attached-video and "This what she really thinks of her best friend DJ SKY...she just using her for rides what a bummer" in another video tweet.

Chrisean shot back at Blueface's insults and accusations, sharing text messages of from Blueface that present his displeasure over the photos, with Rock responding with "U invited bitches tht jumped me to ya birthday n took pictures n let them shake they ass on u. I’m not sure what tf u keep trynna act like. Stop talking to me like u dum asf fr." She added in tweets, "U to busy protecting yo pride n not seeing where u selfish at fr. I don’t fuck on nun of these famous n-ggas...The more u show the world how u don’t value what u have the more u make them look at you liked da weak link n make them favor me more cuz the situation I’m in with u isn’t fair u know this the world know this."

Chrisean also claimed in a tweet that Blueface had pulled a braid from her head, leading her to get a tattoo on her head to cover the bald spot left behind, threatening to go into more detail to expose him.


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