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Blueface Going Behind Bars?

The LA rapper has seen charges for his alleged-role in a shooting case in a Las Vegas gentleman's club

Blueface's future is looking a bit rough at the moment after receiving multiple-charges for his alleged-role in a shooting at a Las Vegas gentleman's club.

According to The Review Journal, Blueface aka Johnathan Jamall Porter, appeared in a Vegas courtroom for a preliminary hearing on Monday (June 26th) that ended up being a case where he would plead guilty to two charges; one being misdemeanor battery charge, and the other a felony for firing a gun in an occupied vehicle.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ state that Porter was in the Euphoric Gentleman's Club in October 2022 where he overheard a male patron making a joke about the rapper, to which he and his crew reacted by physical-assaulting the individual. As he attempted to escape via his truck, the man was allegedly-shot at by Porter, causing vehicular-damage as well as some minor injuries to the man.

Blueface was arrested a month later.

Porter is set to enter a plea-deal on July 3rd, with prosecutor Nick Portz claiming that a probation-sentence is possible and all other charges against the "Thotiana" rapper will be dropped.

Blueface is also set to face a civil suit in connection to the shooting from a woman claiming she was injured amidst the shooting, though the specifics as to how she was hurt are not yet clear.


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