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Blueface Showing Off Onlyfans Gains

The LA rapper presents how much money he's been making with his Onlyfans account

Blueface took to social media recently to become somewhat of an advocate for the subscription service Onlyfans, posting an Instagram story of his monthly income earned from the site. The earnings ranged between approximately $23k-$68k from Sept. 2022-Dec. 2022, totaling to almost $800k. “If you are actively on onlyfans rn subscribe to my page an dm me a free link to your page I’m following back the first 100 active users to help you get noticed an hopefully my subscribers will become your subscribers.”

Blueface, in the sharing of his success with Onlyfans, clarified that he however does not post full nudity on the site unlike other creators. “If you can find a way on only fans without showing your private parts I highly recommend crazy work good salary...Nothing wrong with showing your private parts on there tho I ain’t knocking the hustle shit my private is online for free I’m just not promoting that to my audience none personal.”

A May 2021 report from Business Insider ( revealed that Blueface's Onlyfans-exclusive reality show "Blue Girls Clubs"-which was comprised of woman being invited to the rapper's home to play drinking games, get tattoos, twerk, etc.- had about 4,000 subscribers at the time and at at one point was raking in at most $200k monthly.


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