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Bodyguard Tells Different Story

Puff Daddy's former bodyguard has a different interpretation of what caused The Notorious B.I.G.'s death

Notorious B.I.G.'s death has been widely-misrepresented across media, according to Puff Daddy's ex-bodyguard Gene Deal. The former member of Diddy's security detail in the 90s shed some light on the death of the iconic Biggie while in an interview with The Art of Dialogue YouTube channel. Deal declared that throughout movies, documentaries, and other adaptations of Biggie's story that include his death, they all mistakenly present the artist's death as a a result of a drive-by shooting while the ex-bodyguard believes the killer-still unidentified to this day-was actually waiting patiently to take Biggie's life.

"A lot of that shit be lies the way they put it together ’cause they listening to these white boys who wasn’t even there," he stated. "Every Biggie movie that you see, they say it’s a drive-by. When the witness tells you the car was stood right there at the corner — the car was probably there all night."

Continuing, he recalled, "Before we left Andre Harrell’s house, Puff told me I didn’t have to go. Now, I went because I knew that somebody was going to die that night, somebody was going to get shot. I did everything in my power to stop it from being Puff, and it wasn’t Puff."

As he reminisced over the loss Biggie that night, Deal fought back tears. "I saw this kid lose his life — this kid died while I was pulling him out of the car...If I didn’t have God in my life, if I didn’t have people praying for me, I don’t know if I could have handled it."


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