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Breezy Be Brawlin'

Chris Brown has been involved in at least 2 altercations this past weekend, involving Usher, Teyana Taylor, bloody noses, and a skating rink

Chris Brown has had quite a weekend, being involved in a number of scuffles that have left people wondering if a new celebrity feud in is budding in the music industry.

The first altercation took place this Friday (May 5th.), in which Chris Brown and Usher reportedly got into a verbal fight that turned physical while at a skating rink for the former's birthday party. In footage obtained by TMZ, Brown is seen throwing out expletives towards singer Teyana Taylor for seemingly ignoring him, to which Usher responded by attempting to calm him down and diffuse the situation

According to TMZ, Brown had called Usher a coward before departing from the rink, with Usher following him outside and allegedly getting "jumped" by Brown and his friends before returning to the skating establishment with a bloody nose.

Check out the video of the verbal fight here:

Neither Brown, Usher, or Taylor have issued a response to the viral video, and some have doubted a physical fight actually taking place that night after Usher posted a video on his Instagram stories that depicts him seemingly unscathed.

The pair also performing on stage at the Lover & Friends Festival on Saturday (May 6th), both apparently in good spirits, also may have dispelled notions of the two engaging in some beef.

Unfortunately, if the "Party" artist was hoping to get through the weekend with little PR drama, he may have not the best job doing given another incident apparently occurring at the festival.

Another video has been circulating that depicts Brown engaging in an verbal-altercation with security guards while backstage during Missy Elliot's set performance. Footage depicts Brown being held back by his people as he exclaims "I got it!"

Check the footage here:

Brown went on to respond to the viral video, commenting on a Instagram posting from NoirOnlineOrg with "Yall been geeked all weekend , y’all dragging it now. It was mad people backstage and security was trying to clear everyone off the stage. People started pushing back.. I INTERVENED To let them know MY CHILD WAS BACK THERE. So y’all can keep ya narrative."

In reviewing the events of the past few days, one would not be unreasonable to dismiss the idea of Breezy and Usher continuing their plans for their Verzuz team-up, which was teased earlier this month on the Big Boy's Neighborhood podcast. Since recent events, no updates have been given by either artists regarding their collaboration.


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