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Bronny Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex for their 300th Episode

By: Vanesta CeToute

It's hard to believe Complex has already reached its 300th episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma. This week's special guest was none other than NBA prospect Bronny James. Together he and Joe discussed all things sneakers. James shared that his sense of style when picking out his footwear each day typically depends on his mood. He's also into simplistic sneaker colorways since they tend to "go with everything" and are easier to dress up or down. When it comes to his current favorite silhouette, he prefers Nike Vomero 5's, Nike Dunks, and some ones.

During their chat, Bronny also shared he and his brother helped their dad Lebron James with the making of his Nike Lebron 20 Time Machine sneaker. He stated, "We were in the lab a little bit, I was helping him cook up some stuff. He wanted to get some feedback from his sons, which I think helped a lot, definitely came out a great shoe." Shortly after their conversation wrapped, Bronny dropped a whopping $10,000 on some of his favorite sneakers.


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