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Budden & Gillie Be Beefin' Again

The feud between podcasters Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid has returned once again, leading to verbal-jabs being exchanged across social media platforms

The longstanding feud between podcasters Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid has revved up once again this past weekend, with a series of comments between Twitter and Instagram depicting the virtual-scuffle.

The past few days of animosity between the two was started by Budden's doing, as he went to speak harshly of an unnamed individual while on The Joe Budden Podcast.

"I don’t wanna hear none of that money talk from you n-ggas...Your headboard is covering a very small window in your primary bedroom! I can tell it’s not like that! Stop fucking playing with me," he declared.

Some have speculated that Budden was referring to Gillie in his tirade, as the latter had posted a video on Instagram of him with a woman, presumably after engaging in sexual-intercourse, with the headboard of his bed covering a small window.

Likely hearing chatter about Budden's diss, Gillie took to Twitter to throw his own jabs.

"After the washed Up Rap career in and out all the rehabs all the beating on Bit$hes Now u Wanna Podcast Beef...I’ll beef when u start getting sum Ad money #GotEm", he tweeted.

In response, Budden issued his own tweet calling out Gillie directly, stating "You selling ass out here for cheap… watch your mouth when you speak to or of me."

The social media sparring later jumped from Twitter to Instagram, where Gillie commented on an Akademiks post with the accusation of Budden inciting drama to make a profit by claiming "When dat money slow up u wanna Podcast Beef."

Budden responded with "i ain’t like your lil ad speech.. i took that personally," followed by three crying emojis.

Budden and Gillie's beef dates back to 2020 and appears to have yet been resolved; however, given the kind of content the pair tend to produce, a little bit of shade-throwing between each other is perhaps a rather effective of way of drawing attention to both of their shows while certainly staying on brand.


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