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C Breezy Finds Trouble In Berlin

Chris Brown almost engaged in a physical confrontation in a nightclub following his concert in Berlin

On Wednesday night (March 1st), rapper and singer Chris Brown was involved in an verbal-altercation that almost escalated into a physical one while in a German nightclub, having just performed in concert in Berlin.

Footage of the incident, reposted by The Shade Room, presents Brown getting heated with a local TikToker, who was escorted away by the Breezy's security team as the singer shouted at him.

The TikToker initially posted the footage on their Instagram, catching Breezy's attention and eliciting a response from the R&B artist. "You know you tucked your tail. You was scared to come outside. You would’ve been doing TIKTOKs from a hospital bed. Weird ass n-gga," he wrote in the post's comment section.

The TikToker then responded with the remark "I'm not Rihanna", referencing Brown assaulting his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.


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