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C Breezy In Tax Trouble

Chris Brown reportedly owes millions in dollars in taxes, with his properties at risk if he fails to pay the money to the IRS and state of California

Chris Brown may be in some trouble with the IRS and the state of California, as recently released legal documents reveal that the singer owes $4 million in back taxes from 2022. According to the the documents (, Brown was hit by two tax liens from the federal government, one demanding approximately $2.2 million and another worth about $1 million. California also issued a state tax lien worth almost $740 million, totaling about $4 million between both parties. The documents include the consequences of Breezy's failure to pay, being the seizure of his California home Tarzana as well as his multiple music businesses.

Brown hasn't provided a response as to when or how he'll pay back the taxes owed, but this may not be too grand of an issue for an artist worth almost $100 million. Regardless, one should not be too surprised should Breezy host another massive yard-sale as he did back in 2018, in which he sold multiple articles of clothing and collection-items to any who came to the sale at the front yard of his mansion.


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