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Cactus Jack Gives The Astros A Taste

Travis Scott recently gave the Houston Astros baseball team a preview of his upcoming album Utopia

Five years after the release of his studio album Astroworld, Travis Scott has a new project on the way that a particular Texas sports team had the chance to take a listen to.

On Monday (May 15th), Scott appeared at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX, the stomping ground for the Astros baseball team, and allowed the players to listen to his upcoming album Utopia. While at the park, Scott was approached by the sports director of Fox 26, Mark Berman, and asked about the progress on his soon-to-be-released album.

"Man, you know, fresh from Utopia. Nah, mean? Live from the Utopia. It’s on the way now, Mark...I had to come down and play Utopia for the boys in the locker room. I had to get them right for the game. Finished and mastered, Mark. You know how we do, Mark. from the clubhouse to the stu," Scott shared.

Scott did not reveal a specific date for the release of Utopia, nor has there been much in terms of details surrounding the tone or aesthetic of the new project.

So far, the only hints Jack changing his Instagram bio to "Utopia", as well as leaving a cryptic tweet regarding his upcoming album reading "Going to go cook up and build these walls for utopia. see you guys soon."


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