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Cactus Jack Leavin' Clues

Travis Scott has recently been providing more hints as to when his next album Utopia is set to drop, with some speculating the date to be as soon as late July

Attentive fans of Travis Scott believe they have literally cracked the code as to when his new album Utopia is set to drop.

Those in Los Angeles can spot billboards that have now gone viral and cause discussion as to their meaning. One billboard reads "IS IT IN THE CHATEAU", while being near the Sunset Strip’s Chateau Marmont; another, located above a liquor store in West Hollywood, reads "IS IT IN THE LIQUOR STORE?” Both signs also have clock-like designs next to the questions, with clay-like heads instead of numbers.

Another billboard can be found that features a combination-lock, with the code shown being 07211, leading to fans believing that Utopia is due to release on July 21st.

The combination-lock holds significance given Scott frequently being seen with a briefcase, an item that fans have largely agreed to be tied to Utopia in some due to the object having the album-name explicitly written on it in Scott's handwriting and frequently being seen with the rapper while he is in public.

Scott has been seen holding the distinctive-briefcase while leaving the Abbey Road Studio in London and promoting new Nike sneakers in an advertisement with John McEnroe, while in other instances his security has been seen carrying the case.

While what makes the briefcase special is anyone's guess, some have speculated that the case is holding the master copy of the "goosebumps" artist's new album. Whatever the guess, one can applaud Scott for his methods in building anticipation for his next project through some effective marketing.


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