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Cactus Jack & Red Take The Stage

Travis Scott had a surprise for his London audience this past weekend when he brought out Sexxy Red during his headlining performance

Travis Scott took the stage this past weekend (July 8th) to headline the Wireless Festival in London, but he was not alone in hyping up the crowd.

To the audience's surprise, Sexxy Red appeared on stage with the ASTROWORLD rapper to share the spotlight and perform "Pound Town" and "SkeeYee".

Other artists, including Ice Spice, Latto, Metro Boomin, and Playboi Carti, also appeared at Wireless.

Fans are more than prepared for Cactus Jack's next album UTOPIA to finally drop, five years after ASTROWORLD released. Billboards advertising the new project made headlines, leaving fans theorizing the meaning behind their designs and their connection to the mysterious briefcase that has frequently been seen with Scott and his security.

While there has yet to be an official date confirmed, some believe that based off of one of the billboards that UTOPIA is set to drop July 21st or sometime around that date.


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