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Cardi Ain't Pleased

A new video has surfaced that apparently depicts Cardi B scolding Offset and Quavo for their rumored backstage confrontation during the Grammys

Cardi B does not seem too pleased with the behavior of her partner Offset and his fellow Migos-member Quavo. According to a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight (, Cardi appears to be admonishing both men at the Grammys for getting in a physical confrontation that was rumored to have occurred at the backstage before Quavo performed a tribute to the late-Takeoff. "Both of y’all wrong! Both of y’all! This is not right!” she exclaims in the video. "No bitch, shut the fuck up ’cause you shouldn’t have been talking." Cardi is then shown composing herself before meeting with reporters.

TMZ reported on Monday (Feb. 6th) that Quavo and Takeoff allegedly engaged in a heated fight preceding the former's tribute performance to Takeoff, who was shot and killed November 2022. ( What and who incited the incident has not been confirmed, and while Offset took to social media to deny confrontation having ever occurred, Quavo has yet to offer any response.


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