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Cash Cobain and Bay Swag Tap Ice Spice for the Fisherrr Remix

Updated: May 30

By: Vanesta CeToute

"Got a attitude, but you bad as s--t, so I ain't mad at you annd you tatted too, what I got to do to be having you?" The duo whose lyrics have resonated with a large number of social media users, singing their lyrics added NYC's one and only Ice Spice to their ever-so-popular track! 

Bay Swag and Cash Cobain joined forces with Ice Spice for the remix of their hit track "Fisherrr" remix. Dressed entirely in vibrant pink, Ice Spice brought her unique style to the already infectious tune. Directed by Kevin "KZA" Douglass the video is set mostly in a Chinese restaurant and on the bustling streets of NYC. 

It also showcases the three artists rapping alongside each other. Viewers also get a quick glimpse of some crowd members performing the popular/viral dance that goes along with the song. Despite being released just three days ago, the video has already amassed 1.7 million views. Press play below to watch the video.


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