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Chance The Cheater?

Chance The Rapper has been under scrutiny after footage of him dancing with a woman has gone viral, leading to accusations of infidelity

Chance The Rapper is facing accusations from the internet for being unfaithful to his wife after footage of the artist dancing with another woman has gone viral.

A video of the Coloring Book rapper getting twerked on by a woman at the Carnaval Festival in Jamaica is leading some to accuse Chance of cheating on his wife Kirsten Corley.

Social media users were quick to offer their reactions to the footage, with one on Twitter asking "Ain't he married" and another asking the same question followed by typing "bombastic side eye".

Some, however, were quick to Chance's defense.

One user declared "Y’all Don’t bring that European nonsense to this ethnic household and let that man enjoy Caribbean culture," while another expressed the same sentiment, claiming there to be a "cultural deficit" being exhibited by those accusing Chance of cheating.

There is a possibility that cultural differences are contributing towards reactions towards this situation in a manner that is neglecting the nuances in what is and is not considered cheating and how answers to such a question can vary depending on the couple and the culture; but of course, seeking nuance on the internet, especially on social media, is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

Chance has yet to issue a public response to the backlash he has been receiving, nor has his wife Kirsten.


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