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Chaos At The Club

Fun times at an Atlanta nightclub where Finesse2Tymes was set to perform in are ruined by a shooting that left several injured

While some may not be so superstitious, others cannot help but to think that bad luck follows Finesse2Tymes like a shadow

On Sunday (June 18th), at an Atlanta nightclub in which the "Get Even" rapper was set to perform in for the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash, a shooting had suddenly erupted that left five people with injures. Police arrived to the scene at around 3 a.m., however suspects have yet to be apprehended.

*WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised*

Many across social media reacted to the shooting with similar reactions of discontent and frustration felt for every other mass shooting that has occurred and broken headlines, but some could not help but to connect the most recent incident to Finesse.

"What's this the 5th shooting at a finesse2tymes show?", "Finesse2Tymes has a mass shooting once a month", "Why is it Finesse2Tymes always has a shooting at every last one of his shows since he came out???..that bothers me, Bagg worked to hard! This particular artist just keeps up shit! I don’t get it,..not everywhere you go tho" were some reactions on Twitter.

These allusions between Finesse and shootings are not random, as unfortunately the Memphis rapper has a bit of a history of performing in venues that get disrupted by gunfire, such as last January at a Tennessee concert, in which two gunmen were arrested for a shooting that left three injured.

Or more recently, this past March, in which a concert in New York headed by Finesse and GloRilla had ceased due to stampede that had been rumored to be caused by gunfire. The cause has since been disproven, but the mark on the former rapper's reputation had already been left.

Many would likely agree that to associate Finesse with "bad luck" or some other kind of negative phenomenon and that being the reason why he happens to be related to some terrible events is simply unfair and unfounded, and one can guess that Finesse himself does not take too kindly to being correlated with such instances. Maybe, rather then focusing on Finesse's role in these situations, we should take the frequency of these shootings more as yet another confirmation of gun violence in America as a plague that keeps us all from being able to live our lives without constant fear and anxiety.


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