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Chelsea is Outta Pocket!

50 Cent had to share a laugh with his followers when he posted a clip of his ex-partner and comedian Chelsea Handler delivering a raunchy routine

50 Cent is not unrecognized for sharing whatever has gotten a laugh out of him online to his social media, but what he has posted most recently may be some of funniest content yet.

On Sunday (May 21st), 50 posted a clip of a stand-up routine from one of his past ex-girlfriends, Chelsea Handler, in which the comedian shares her perspective on the benefits of anal sex.

"Anal sex is not just for homosexual men anymore, okay? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s trending. And don’t knock it until you try it. You might f*cking like it," Handler declared.

Continuing: "It’s a big pill to swallow in the beginning but when you warm up to the idea, and you pick the right candidate, you know…small or medium, you’re not going to do that with, like, 50 Cent. You want to pick the right candidate."

50 seemed to have taken the mention of him well, as his Instagram posting included a caption reading "Yo she is so crazy, @chelseahandler is hand down the funniest. LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

50 and Handler were rumored to be together back in 2012, but did not confirm to be an item until later in the year. According to Handler, the pair had eventually broken-up after a couple months due to the singer Ciara still having feelings towards 50 Cent.

Despite their split, the two seem to have no bad-blood between each other, ten years later.


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