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Choppa Don't Seem Too Happy

NLE Choppa gave a brief but perhaps telling response to rumors of Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors dating

Following allegations of abuse from several women after being arrested in March for assault and harassment, actor Jonathan Majors is reportedly dating actress Meagan Good.

The Shazam and Day Shift actress has been seen hanging out with Majors regularly for weeks according to TMZ, with sources close to the media outlet claiming that their relationship is rather fresh but offering no further details on how serious the pairing is.

Reactions to the actors possibly dating have varied, but some seem to have been more interested in what rapper NLE Choppa had to say about the situation given him having been enthusiastic over the idea of dating Good.

While appearing on The Jason Lee Show and playing a game of "Smash or Pass", Choppa gave an excited "smash" in response to Good's name being mentioned, as well as exclaiming "I been waiting on her! Yes!" When presented with the opportunity to speak with Good over the phone, thanks to Lee having called her on his phone, the chance was short-lived when the actress answered the call but hung-up shortly after hearing Choppa's voice.

Check out the clip of Choppa here:

Jokes were had in response to Choppa's failed attempt to woo Good, but the teasing seems to have resurfaced in response to the rumors surrounding Good and Majors. The Memphis rapper seems to have taken notice of the news, and is seemingly annoyed at others trying to notify him.

A tweet posted on Saturday (May 13th) from the "Walk Em Down" artist appears to have served as a brief response to the rumors, simply reading "Stop taggin me in it. I see it."

Choppa perhaps should not be too displeased over getting denied a chance to date Good, but he would not be that unreasonable getting annoyed at being frequently tagged on posts about his crush dating someone else.

The rapper has not given any more responses to the rumors of Good and Majors dating, nor has Good or Majors given a statement regarding the reporting of her supposed-relationship.


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