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Choppa Takes To Memphis Streets

NLE Choppa took part in a peaceful-protest in response to the murder of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police

Tennessee-rapper NLE Choppa returned to his hometown of Memphis to lead a protest in response to the beating and killing of 29-year-old Black man Tyre Nichols by five police officers. Choppa-real name Bryson Lashun Potts-sharing a sense of outrage and demand for justice with the rest of the country, posted video to Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 28th) that served as a call to action for people to bring their roller skates, skateboards, and Heely's to meet him at a specific location and conduct a peaceful skate on the city streets.

"Today, I felt it on my heart to turn a negative situation to a positive...I just want to skate for Tyre in respect to him and know that’s how he would have wanted everybody to act," Potts declared in the video. Clips of the protest depict Potts thanking the crowd for joining him in the protest, telling protesters "I know it’s hard for us to all come together and it’s kinda sad it takes something tragic for us to do this...But I’m grateful for it for everybody to be together, so I just want to thank y’all for being a part of this."

Tyre Nichol's was a 29-year-old father when he was beaten by five Black police officers at a traffic stop that left him with severe-injuries to which he later died from while in the hospital. Nichols is remembered for his passion for skateboarding and photography, having been recognizing by loved ones for his creative-eye and positive-nature. The officers responsible for Nichols' death have all since then been fired and each face multiple-charges, including second-degree murder, aggravated-assault, official misconduct and official oppression, and aggravated kidnapping. The Justice Department and FBI are also to be conducting their own investigations into the case.


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