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Chrisean Rockin' The Baby Bump

Doubters of Chrisean Rock's pregnancy got shut down this past weekend when she made a public appearance and revealed that she is indeed pregnant

The tumultuous relationship between rappers and former intimate-partners Blueface and Chrisean Rock has grown to be rather well-recognized by those paying attention, with the announced pregnancy by Rock earlier this year only adding another layer to the chaos.

While Blueface initially expressed disbelief that he was the father, later admitting that the baby likely is his and hesitantly accepting his role. The "Thotiana" rapper even went on to defend Rock for smoking weed while pregnant after footage of her in public with a blunt spread online.

Some have been still skeptical over Rock's pregnancy, perhaps believing the situation to merely be a publicity-stunt. Such notions were dispelled, however, after a photo of Chrisean Rock with a baby bump went viral recently.

Rock and Blueface, despite their turbulent-relationship, were seen hanging out at an event at a local high school. Specifics behind the reasoning for their appearance are currently not publicly known, but with their presence came confirmation that Chrisean Rock is indeed pregnant.

The status behind Rock and Blueface's relationship is also currently up in the air somewhat, as the flippant-nature of their pairing makes situations like the two appearing at a high school event and seemingly having a good time with one another that much more confusing.

Perhaps Rock and Blueface have reconciled with one another and are looking forward to raising a child together, or maybe they simply displayed a well-performed front to leave the public believing that the toxicity between the two as fizzled out.

Regardless, no can deny now that a baby is due to arrive at some point, and the only performance from Chrisean Rock and Blueface that will matter then will be at their roles as mother and father.


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