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Coachella Chaos

Rae Sremmurd's appearance at Coachella was met with some resistance when a physical-confrontation broke up between Coachella and Swae Lee's security teams

The rap duo Rae Sremmurd, composed of artists Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi, faced an issue trying to take the stage to perform at Coachella on Sunday (Apr. 23rd); that issue being a physical-altercation breaking out between the security teams for Swae Lee and the event.

According to a statement from Lee's management team to TMZ, Coachella security did not recognize the rapper and began preventing him from taking the stage, eventually escalating to Lee getting knocked back into a fence and a member of his security team getting ganged-up on and pummeled.

Footage of the confrontation, also taken by TMZ, depicts the scuffle as well as shows one of Lee's guards swiftly and narrowly leave the scene with the rapper's newborn son to keep the child out of the chaos.

Check out footage of the Coachella brawl here:

Swae Lee's management stated that the rapper had been met with "aggressive" and "overzealous" security guards that claimed they did not recognize the artist.

"The security guards, which we presume are independent contractors, are seen clearly being the aggressors and then throwing gang signs at end of the video in a celebration," Lee's management declared.

The full Rae Sremmurd duo, Swae Lee included, was at least able to make it to the stage and perform, with the "Sunflower" artist's son safe and sound.

No news has come out since the incident of Lee's management wishing to pursue legal action.


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