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Cold As Ice Spice

A viral video depicts the failed attempt by an Ice Spice fan in trying to woo the Bronx rap star, with her delivering a rather brutal yet funny response

Many fans of the rapper Ice Spice would not hesitate in shooting their shot for a chance to be romantically-involved with the Bronx artist, but out of all of the attempts made, Ice Spice did not hesitate to respond to one made through her Instagram direct-messages. Unfortunately for the fan, Spice did not look kindly upon them.

A video circulating online depicts a male fan of Spice showing off a brief-exchange in his Instagram DMs between him and the rapper, in which he sends a simple message to her reading "Hey mama". Surprisingly, Ice Spice responded to the message, though likely not in the manner the fan was hoping for.

"Small ass dreads and no Nike tech" reads the response from the "Munch" star, followed by skull emojis. Clearly Spice was rather amused by this attempt to "slide" into her DMs, as were the male fan's friends, who can be heard laughing in the background at their companion getting roasted.

Check out the video here:

Spice's follower-count indicates that the time of the short-conversation was months ago, so it's possible that she may not even remember roasting the fan.

While plenty of fans have voiced their infatuation with Ice Spice, perhaps the most notable out of the bunch is "SLUT ME OUT" rapper NLE Choppa, who revealed in the past his crush on Ice Spice while on The Jason Lee Show. According to Choppa, he was actually able to text Spice for some time until she changed her number. At least he was spared from the roasting he could have been delivered.


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