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Updated: Dec 26, 2023


On a cold morning, people wrapped around the GAP FACTORY on 125th street in the heart of Harlem to get first access to Dapper Dan’s new GAP collection in collaboration with The Brotherhood Sister Sol(BroSis) foundation. Co-founders and childhood friends Jason Warwin and Khary Lazarre-White founded The Brotherhood when they were seniors at Brown University on the Southside of Providence at the John Hope Community Center. For the past 25 years, the BroSis has been a forefront of criminal, economic, educational, environmental and gender breakthroughs for our black and brown youth. 

This foundation aims to assist young Black and latino people to excel in a society where they have many prepositioned obstacles set up to make them fail. This foundation has successfully done that since 1995. All of their hard work is materialized in this collection with Dapper Dan and GAP.

“Dapper Dan brought us in partnership with GAP to have a clothing line and he felt important to collaborate with a youth development, social justice organization into the partnership to receive some benefits from the proceeds, says Khary Lazarre-White. "Also, to expose our young people, the creators, the designers, Entrepreneurs, and people that can show them a way to follow their dreams to be successful in their own right. We know DAP from Harlem and he brought us into the fold and the partnership with GAP has been great. Their team has been great. They have given us financial assistance, their staff has volunteered and exposed our young people to the designers in the workforce." 

Dapper Dan has been a pillar in the Harlem community for over 40+ years. From being a trendsetter and creating a lane for up-and-coming Black designers and creators. Dap has been imitated, but never duplicated. He’s truly one of a kind and there's no one more perfect to partner with on this collaboration and bring continuous awareness to the BroSis foundation.

The collection includes a 18 piece inventory with signature logo and collegiate inspired tracksuits, hoodies, and accessories. 

M : Being a long-standing collaborator with GAP? What does this collection mean and how is it different? 

DD : My reflection on how to bring two patterns together while maintaining what I’m known for and that is logomania. So, I’m doing it in a subtle way but also being true to what I've given to the fashion industry. 

M: what is your favorite collaboration thus far since your reemergence, and an ode to your legacy. 

DD: it’s not a matter of what my favorite is but which contributes the most to the culture of Harlem. So, I would consider what came first? And who came second, and who came third. The first person that comes to your house bearing gifts, you have to honor that. I’m proud of all three brands because they’ve all made a difference. I’m proud to do the luxury thing with Gucci but I’m more happy to do this thing GAP where I can reach and address my people. 

The new collection is available now.


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