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DDG Gettin' Hoodwinked?

A recent vlog from DDG presents a moment in which NLE Choppa takes the former's chain from around his neck and runs off, with it not being clear if Choppa returned it

The latest upload of DDG's online-vlog series took a bit of a wild turn when NLE Choppa came to visit and the pair hung out in the former's kitchen.

The two had been talking about Choppa's latest hit single "SLUT ME OUT", until around the 34-minute mark of the video, in which the Tennessee rapper began eyeing DDG's large chain on his neck, causing the "Elon Musk" to take notice.

"You straight?”, DDG asked Choppa, to which he replied with "Yeah I’m good man, that chain just hard bro."

"You got more chains than me n*gga."

"Sh*t, I could have some more."

The pair began discussing Choppa's collection of chains and jewelry before Choppa states "It’s just like when you see somebody sh*t you get motivated..." as he placed his hands on DDG's chain.

"...You look at a n*gga’s shit and just want it" Choppa declared before taking the chain off of DDG and fleeing.

Check out the DDG vlog here:

There is no clarification given by the end of the video if Choppa returned DDG's chain back to him, and given DDG not being seen with it for the rest of vlog, it is certainly possible that Choppa really did made off with the neck-chain.

However, considering the tone of the exchange, it is also very possible that this was simply a bit planned by the two for the sake of generating some laughs, and DDG not wearing his chain for the rest of the video is for the sake of maintaining a sense of consistency towards the bit.

Also given that DDG has yet to issue any kind of public statement against Choppa for stealing his chain and demanding that it be returned, one can safely assume that we did not in fact just witness someone getting robbed on video.


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