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Declined For Drizzy

Drake recieved a somewhat embarrassing surprise while on a livestream when he appeared to have his credit card declined

Drake appears to be incapable of avoiding being teased on the Internet, as evidenced by a little mishap while on a livestream with Lil Yachty.

While co-hosting a Stake livestream alongside Yachty on his Kick channel, the Toronto rap star had attempted to donate money to a streamer; however, after putting in the necessary information, he received a message declaring his card had been declined, with Yachty looming over his shoulder.

Drake, appropriately, expressed a degree of embarrassment, even explicitly stating "embarrassing" in a high-voice and displaying some confusion.

Contrary to what some may have believed, the card that Drake had attempted to use does not seem to have been his personal card. Even so, considering this is Drizzy in question regarding the possibility of a rapper having insufficient funds, we can perhaps assume that the 6God is not having money problems at the moment.

Drake is set to collaborate with 21 Savage for their It's All A Blur tour, kicking off in Memphis, TN on June 29th and spanning more than a dozen cities until it's final date and location in Toronto, Canada on October 7th.


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