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DJ Khaled's We The Best Foundation Returns with Second Annual Golf Tournament

By Vanesta CeToute

Blending the world of golf enthusiasts with hip-hop culture, DJ Khaled’s We the Best Foundation returns with its second edition of the WE THE BEST FOUNDATION GOLF CLASSIC, proudly supported by the Jordan Brand! 2023 marked the inaugural event and in the words of Khaled himself, “Last year was so massive and we going to do it again.”

According to Khaled, the foundation started seven years ago to give back to the community, the kids, families, and education. His idea behind hosting the celebrity golf tournament is that he truly believes golf brings people together in a meaningful and fun way. "Great Golf for a Great Cause."

The celebrity tournament is set to take place on June 13th, 2024 and the list of celebrity attendees is great. Influential celebrities from all walks of life are set to tee up to give back to those in need and education. Celebrities such as Bubba Watson, CC Sabathia, Fat Joe, Jimmy Butler, Marcus Jordan, Michael Block, Odell Beckham Jr., Ozuna, Quavo, Terrell Owens, Tua Tagovailoa, and Victor Cruz are all on the invite list and are set to be there this year.

In his ESPN's First Take appearance before the tournament, Khaled chatted with Stephen A. Smith. Smith, aware of Khaled's newfound addiction to golf and daily practice, quizzed him about his passion for the sport and his advancing skills. To that Khaled responded by saying,

"My brother it's simple, bring two bags. A golf bag and a brown paper bag okay? I don't back down from no challenge when it's time to golf. From last year to now, the game, it's stepped up.... my game is more smoother now, there's more swag to it. Listen, it's a 7! On a great day it's a 7, on average it's a 10 or 11."

Seems like DJ Khaled knows his stuff on turf and is ready for whatever challenge comes his way. He also mentioned the team of players he golfed with last year and the overall importance of having fun and charity. The tournament kicks off at 10:00 am sharp followed by awards at 3:00 pm.


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