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Doggfather On Ice?

Snoop Dogg is currently engaged in a bidding war against actor Ryan Reynolds for ownership of the Ottawa hockey team the Senators

Snoop Dogg may become the co-owner of a Canadian hockey team if a bidding war over the Ottawa Senators goes his way.

According to a report from The Atlantic, Snoop has joined forces with film producer Neko Sparks and his group in the bid for the Senators, which if won by Sparks' side, would make the hockey team the first to be Black-owned in the history of the NHL.

However, Sparks and Snoop face opposition in the form of a group that includes Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and hit-singer The Weeknd. This group is allegedly proposing a bid of at least $1 billion, though has yet to be fully-confirmed.

Snoop seems eager to obtain ownership rights to the group for the purpose of helping to expose more members of the Black community to hockey. In an Instagram post revealing his joining of Sparks' group, he declared in the caption "Amazing what @neko_sparks is trying to do in Ottawa & I’m looking forward to being apart of that ownership team. I WANNA BRING HOCKEY TO OUR COMMUNITY."

The Sparks side of the bidding war has yet to declare their counter-bid to Reynolds team's alleged-bid of at least a billion dollars, but considering the excitement displayed by Snoop over the endeavor and the potential history to be made with the purchase, we can be sure to hear a response soon enough.


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