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Drake To The Rescue?

Real Boston Richey has called on Drake for help after getting scammed off of a pair of the 6God's signature Nike Air Force 1s

Real Boston Richey has apparently been swindled from a pair of Drake's Certified Lover Boy Nike Air Force 1s, and is now urgently requesting help from Drizzy himself.

In a video posted to his Instagram story with Drake tagged, Richey revealed that he received two shoes, both for the right foot, for his purchase of the sneakers. The Florida rapper then goes on to demand that the Canadian rap star help him, stating "get me right big bruh...they doing me wrong."

In a following video, Richey continues airing out his frustration. "Man you gotta fix this...I can’t even splash how I want to. These fuck n-ggas stay selling me two rights. And y’all ain’t even put the beads in the box. Now I gotta go regular white lows," he complained.

Continuing: "I’m tryna splash on them [with the] Drake muthaf*ckas. Aye listen man – all you hoe ass n*ggas, you resale ass fuck n*ggas. Y’all n*ggas — next time you n*ggas sell me two rights, gettin’ your ass robbed!”

Check out the video from Richey's IG story here:

Drake has yet to deliver a response to Richey, nor has any representatives from Nike on the matter since the videos were posted on


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