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The Certified Lover Boy Has To Pay Big

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Despite betting on Argentina's victory, the famous rapper still walked away with a loss

World-famous Canadian rapper Drake is well-recognized for his affinity towards sports betting, with World Cup matches being no-exception. While Drake betted on Team Argentina coming out of their match with France victorious, he unfortunately betted on the win being earned in regular time when the match instead extended into extra time. By that point, any who waged for Argentina or France to win in a regular game lost out; with Drake, that lost came out to be a million dollars.

Drake has a rather mixed history of wins and losses in his sports betting endeavors. He won almost $600k on two bets for Super Bowl LVI, $650k on a Golden State Warriors win in the NBA's Western Conference, and approximately $2.7 million from several bets between Game 7 matches in basketball and hockey. However, the rapper has also seen some notable losses, such as on a wager for a UFC match that left him $275k poorer and a another with Duke beating North Carolina in the Final Four of March Madness, where he lost $80k. Needless to say, the probability of Drake losing his taste for sports betting is likely pretty low.


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