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Dre Looking To Make Some Major Money

Dr. Dre is aiming to make over $200 million in music catalog deal

Iconic rap producer Dr. Dre is making moves to strike a multi-million deal over his music. According to Billboard (, Dre is closing in on two deals over sell off a share of his assets and music income streams to companies Universal Music Group and Shamrock Holdings. The assets include royalties from two of the artist's solo albums as well as his share of N.W.A. royalties, his royalties as a producer, and his share of his share catalog to which he doesn't have ownership over publishing.

Those assets account for around 80% of the package and are expected to go to Shamrock, while the rest include owned assets, such as the master recording of Dre's studio album The Chronic. The packaged deal was pitched for $250 million by Dre's attorney Peter Paterno, though there is no certainty that the final price will be that amount. However, the combined worth of the two deals are expected to at least reach over $200 million.


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