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Dropping A Beat From Behind Bars

Tory Lanez recently released a new single that he recorded while behind bars awaiting his sentencing for shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Jailtime has not stopped Tory Lanez from releasing music and keeping his fans satisfied.

Recently, the "Say It" rapper dropped a single. titled "Hurts Me", in which he collaborates with artist Yoko Gold, as well as sharing a post to Instagram sharing what he has been up to.

"To My Family, my friends, and to the Umbrellas World Wide I want ya’ll to know I haven’t lost my faith in God and that I’m in high spirits,” he declares in a statement on the post.

Continuing: "I’m praying for best and remain confident that God will bring me through this...I have spent the last 7 months rehabilitating my mind, body, and soul. Though I came to jail a good person, I will leave a great person. I’ve turned this jail cell into my work office. I will continue the legacy of the Umbrella from here or anywhere else, I won’t let anything stop me from being a positive light and a help to those in need."

Check out the single here:

Tory Lanez is set to be sentenced on August 7th on a number of charges regarding him shooting Megan Thee Stallion. This date comes after several delayed dates due to requests from Lanez's legal team, changes in the makeup of the counsel, and a motion from Lanez to request a new trial (which was denied).

According to reporting by Meghann Cuniff, the Canadian artist's legal counsel now has until August 1st to submit a sentencing recommendation ahead of the August 7th date.


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