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DJ Envy Trolls Officer Ricky

DJ Envy seems rather comfortable escalating his beef with Rick Ross given him recently appearing on The Breakfast Club in a police uniform

The beef between The Breakfast Club host DJ Envy and rapper Rick Ross has been heating up the past several days, with the latest development now including the podcaster throwing jabs at the "Hustlin'" artist's past through wearing a cop costume on his show.

On Monday (May 20th), Envy appeared on the show in a police uniform to throw shade at Ross' controversial past as a correctional officer before his rise to stardom in the music industry, dubbing himself "Officer Ricky" as part of this effort to take a shot at Ross.

"I do have a boss — shout-out to Bob Pittman, that’s one of my bosses, he actually owns iHeart. But he has a boss, too. John Vinata is his boss. That’s the Miami Correctional Facility Warden. That’s his boss. Rick Ross still gets a pension from the corrections," Envy remarked.

"You started off as a football player. They kicked you off the team because you would stand by the showers and watch the boys take a shower. Then you moved to corrections and what did you do? You watched the boys take a shower."

Envy would not let up his criticism of Ross' past in law enforcement, declaring that "everything you do is a lie" and that both he and Tekashi 6ix9ine are "the complete same", given the latter having cooperated with police in the past and thus being called a snitch for his actions.

Check out the video of DJ Envy here:

Ever since Ross' comments on Drink Champs regarding Envy, in which the rapper claimed that the podcast-host was "never on [his] level" when it comes to hosting car shows, the two have been unrelenting in their ongoing feud throughout this past weekend.

There is no clear end in sight for the current beef between the two, and Ross has not issued a response yet to Envy's "Officer Ricky" appearance or his comments on the rapper's past; however, considering what was already occurred and been said between the pair over the past few days, one can be sure that Ross will do whatever he can to one-up Envy's attack to his character with an act equally as eye-catching.


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