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Leaving Ye Behind

Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee shares the buildup to what lead to him finally leaving his job as Kanye West's media manager

In a recent interview with Complex, Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee reminisced on the time he chose to leave his position as Head of Media for Kanye West/Ye.

"I understand the gaslighting, and I understand that the Kardashians have such a stronghold on mainstream media that they can try to bury you; it was just some weird shit...So I understand the outrage and the frustration. But what I didn’t understand was why Kanye lost track of the strategy behind getting people to understand it and open up their hearts to empathize with him. And because he couldn’t respect the leaders he put around him, look at what happened," he tells Complex.

Lee stated that what pushed him to leave his position was actually when he was asked by Kanye for the rapper's Twitter password not long after his announcement of running for president.

"So the day he asked for the password to Twitter, I sent over my resignation letter. I come from a background of being involved with politics and I don’t play around with that. We had a conversation through his people and he said, 'You know, I respect Jason if he wants to step away, I support that.' And so I said, "Thank you,” and I left, no negativity or anything,'" Lee revealed.

Lee thought Ye's behavior was decent until he posted photos of himself with Candace Owens, both wearing shirts with the phrase "White Lives Matter" on them, with Lee describing Owens as "the most cancerous, disgusting, vile pig of a person."

"I want the best for him. I want him to be able to have his children when he wants to. I want him to be able to find peace of mind. I want him to be able to be loved again by the culture. But I also want to see him take responsibility," Lee affirmed.

Continuing: "What he said about the Jewish community was almost embarrassing because we’re asking one community to politic their pain over ours; slavery was real, it wasn’t a choice. And the Holocaust was a real thing that caused a lot of pain. Why are we debating each other’s pain or experience for public consumption instead of finding a way to build bridges?"

Lee thankfully does not appear to condone Kanye's behavior, as well as seems to express an appropiate-degree of disappoint over the rapper's actions that have contributed towards white supremacy.


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