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Exploring Creativity and Independence: Brent Faiyaz Graces Billboard's Indie Issue

By: Vanesta CeToute

I really like being able to do what I want to do and then I like being able to say no to things that I don't want to do. - Brent Faiyaz

Known for his smooth sound that blends elements of R&B with hints of alternative R&B and neo-soul Brent Faiyaz is one of a kind. He is currently on Billboard's Indie Cover and during his interview spoke a lot about his artistry and the importance of being an independent creative.

During his discussion, the artist shared what creativity means and the importance of remaining independent. Faiyaz also reflected on the beginning of his musical journey stating he used to sell beats at a young age before he began singing. Releasing music on Soundcloud helped the artist gain traction and would later aid him in gaining fans and more listeners. With more traction comes an increase in visibility and of course more opportunities including those presented by record labels and music industry professionals some from record labels and music industry executives. When speaking about the opportunities once presented to him he felt it was very important to look at the full package and not simply on the money being offered. In his eyes, artists often give up a piece of their independence when they sign and agree to huge record labels, and in Brent's world that's a big no-no. "So before people decide they want to do deals or take these large amounts of money and they want to collab with this person and that person. I want people to really sit and think about are they going to be okay with not being able to control the things that they want to do."

Blending his vision and beliefs with reality, he joined forces with Steve Stoute, the Founder and CEO of UnitedMasters. Together they launched the creative agency ISO Supremacy. An agency that allows him to have autonomy over his work all while having the funding to be creative within his artistry. When describing Faiyez, Steve Stoute considered him an amazing artist with great vision someone of the same caliber as Ye West, so their partnership was perfect. Watch his full Billboard interview below.

"I want to inspire people to not be okay with being told what to do. You can't grow like that." - Brent Faiyez


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