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Fake Thief For Real Clout

A viral video of an individual claiming to have stolen Ice Spice's jewelry has been recently revealed to be a hoax

A TikTok recently went viral depicting a man claiming to have stolen rapper Ice Spice's silver chain, claiming that if the Bronx star wanted her jewelry back, she would have to come and get it from him.

"Yo, listen, we got Ice Spice chain. Stop playing with me, man. Pull up, you know where we at," the individual remarked. "Come to the bla-duh-duh, come get ya ched-duh-duh."

However, this act of thievery appears to have been a hoax, according to a source close to Ice Spice that stated the chain in the video to not belong to the "Like...?" rapper.

The TikTok user went on to confirm suspicions of the act being simply an attempt at clout-chasing, stating in the post's comment section "The amount of y’all who believe this is insane it’s a joke lol,” and "Ever heard of a joke" in response to another comment.

Needless to say, the pursuit of social media fame can lead anyone to behave in any such way so long as they make headlines.


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