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Fans Of The Hit Rapper Are Standing By

J. Cole's recent social media activity is prompting fans to suspect that a new album is on the way

Fans of Grammy-nominated and winning rapper J. Cole are suddenly on high-alert after he cleared his Instagram profile, a common act by artists preceding the release of a new project. While Cole is not exactly active on social media, his past behavior points to this possibility given that he similarly erased his Instagram page in 2019 mere days before release of his single "Middle Child", which led the Revenge of the Dreamers III compilation.

Debates within fan-circles over the meaning of Cole recent online behavior vary, including speculation that this could be signaling the rapper prepping either The Fall or It's a Boy, both hinted at back in 2020 as a part of his "The Fall Off Era" project. The same post teased 2021 Grammy-nominated album The Off-Season. Between Instagram and Twitter, J. Cole has made no confirmations regarding new music.


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