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Fat Joe The Mediator

Fat Joe gives his two cents on the current beef between Rick Ross and DJ Envy, and he does not seem to be liking where the feud is going

Recently, Fat Joe has tried to offer some advice to Ja Morant following his suspension from playing basketball for the NBA, and now he appears to be trying to serve the role as a mediator between rapper Rick Ross and podcaster DJ Envy, as evident in his recent Instagram stories.

"Don’t like what’s going on with Rick Ross and DJ Envy...Don’t like it. I love ’em both. Beautiful men in their own right, successful, do their thing. I don’t like where it’s going. I know I’ve had my share of beefing with people, but don’t like it because they’re both beautiful, beautiful people," Joe declared.

Check out one of Rick Ross' most recent callouts against DJ Envy here:

The feud between Rick Ross and DJ Envy began after the former stated that Envy was "never on his level" in his response to The Breakfast Club podcast co-host hosting a car show the same month as Ross'.

This callout lead to some heated social media exchanges between the two, as well as Envy appearing on his radio show in a police uniform to mock Ross for being a correctional officer in the past, a controversial-aspect of the rapper's past. Ross would respond by inviting Envy as well as wife and children, to come over to his property to clean his pool and "pickleball paddle".

Neither parties in this feud seem like they are going to let up on taking shots at each other anytime soon, especially since Ross seems to have been approved to have a permit for hosting his car show on June 3rd.

Fat Joe may not want his favorite people to be going at each other's throats, but the current situation looks to be out of his hands at this point. Perhaps Ja Morant will be more receptive to Joe's advice.


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